Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tears & Letters Delivered to Energy Transfer Partners' Dallas Headquarters

Yesterday afternoon Alpine native Ashley Baker successfully delivered our tears and letters to Kelcy Warren at Energy Transfer Partners Headquarters in Dallas. ETP was tipped off that she was coming – in an act of extreme cowardice, rather than look her in the eye, hear what she had to say, and accept our letters, upon her arrival they locked the door and called the police (!!). A detective was filming as Ashley poured our 4 gallons of "tears" out onto some plants in front of the ETP building and left our letters in their mailbox. Afterwards, Ashley said she said it felt like a "great weight was lifted".

Thank you, Ron, Cindy, and Linda for support on the ground in Dallas!

Thanks to all who contributed ideas, encouragement, and supplies!

Heartfelt thanks to Ashley (and daughter Berkeley!) from all of us for her courage and willingness to make this pilgrimage on behalf of our community!

All photos by Linda Cooke.


  1. Thanks for doing this!
    Brian Shugart

  2. Great work, Ashley! Such a powerful move and message ♡