Thursday, April 14, 2016

Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren to Receive Tears from the Big Bend

On behalf of the West Texas community being affected by the proposed 42" Trans-Pecos Pipeline, a Big Bend resident will deliver letters and "tears" to Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren at ETP Headquarters in Dallas.

On Friday Alpine resident and lifelong Texan Ashley Baker will bring a 4-gallon jug filled with “Tears from Big Bend’ and 26 heartfelt letters from local residents inscribed on silk handkerchiefs to the billionaire pipeline mogul. The letters implore Mr. Warren to reconsider his plans to put a 42" high pressure gas transmission pipeline through the heart of the Big Bend region of far West Texas.

The proposed Trans-Pecos Pipeline would deliver US gas across the border into Mexico and beyond to Asian markets. The pipeline is part of a massive network of new infrastructure designed to export domestically-derived fossil fuels. So far, 45 landowners in the Big Bend region have been served with eminent domain lawsuits by Energy Transfer Partners.

WHO: Ashley Baker, born and raised in the region directly impacted by ETP’s proposed Trans-Pecos Pipeline. Ms. Baker is compelled to visit ETP headquarters in Dallas because she wants Kelcy Warren to understand how upset people are about his pipeline. "Kelcy Warren has come to my home uninvited, so I felt compelled to pay his headquarters a visit while I'm in Dallas – he needs to understand that there are real people whose lives are being ruined by his business venture."

WHEN:  Friday April 15, 2016, 1pm

WHERE: Energy Transfer Partners, 3738 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 


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