Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Texas State Senate Committee Meeting on Eminent Domain

Seventh-generation Texan Molly Walker spoke at a Senate Committee Meeting on eminent domain at the Texas Statehouse in Austin on Tuesday, March 29:

"Eminent domain laws were originally designed for government, and subsequently other entities to act for projects deemed in the public interest. The laws and interests surrounding current policy have become so convoluted, that no one seems to know, or even be held accountable, to act in line with what “public good, or public interest” really is.

This committee must consider a greater call. The matter of “adequate compensation” is moot until Texas legislation recognizes and addresses where law has failed in its duty to protect land owners and private property FROM eminent domain laws that are loosely, if not negligently based on terms such as the “public good” as it continues to side on that of private gain. I urge the members of this committee to be reminded of your responsibility to PROTECT Private property rights and not merely compensate for them."

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