Friday, September 11, 2015


Photo by Coyne Gibson

While we are waiting on FERC's decision with regard to the open scoping period, there are many ways to help keep the momentum going:

Right now one of our main concerns is simply raising awareness and building community for whatever comes next. We currently have James Parker in the area, a filmmaker from LA who will be creating a documentary about our situation. This documentary has the potential to bring our story to a MUCH wider audience than would otherwise be possible...this will be extremely important not only in fundraising for the legal effort, but also if and when direct action/civil disobedience becomes necessary. Upshot: we need to continue to find ways to get the word to larger outlets and audiences. 

In addition to seeking attention from national media, part of this effort must include writing letters to the editor of the local newspapers. We should never let a week go by when there are no letters pertaining to the pipeline in the papers. 

For example, right now, an important question that could be asked is, with regard to this alleged chili factory project 12 miles from Presidio, IF the pipeline goes through, WHO WILL PAY for the infrastructure required, and WHAT GAS FRANCHISE has agreed to sell the gas (ETP is not a retail gas company...)...and at WHAT PRICE to the consumer?

There are also campaigns to donate to and petitions to be signed!

Current petitions:


If anyone feels a sense of urgency around any activities we can or should be working on together, please add your thoughts in the comments below, or on facebook!!

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