Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jimmy LaFave Defends His Patron, Kelcy Warren of Music Road Records

Kelcy Warren, billionaire CEO of the company that accepted the contract from the Mexican government to construct a 42" high pressure gas transmission line through the pristine Big Bend region of far west Texas, is a self-proclaimed folk music fan. He even has his own recording studio and record label – Music Road Records. Jimmy LaFave is among those on the roster.

While many musicians including James McMurtry, Patty Griffin, and Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Ali Holder, Jacob Jaeger, Swingset Junkies, Francie Meaux Jeaux, Jesse Woods, Emilie Clepper, The Marshall Ford Band, and Dana Falconberry have taken a stand against the proposed Trans Pecos Pipeline, so far no one from the Music Road Records label has.

Jimmy LaFave's Wikipedia page indicates that he is a "disciple of Woody Guthrie", that he is "an advisory board member and regular performer at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival", and that "Woody Guthrie is his musical hero".

How is it that an artist who considers himself a folk musician, revering above all others the man who wrote what could be considered the most famous anti-eminent domain anthem on earth, could become an apologist for a billionaire oligarch? Could it be that now the definition of "folk music" is to preach the gospel of unbridled capitalism to the masses? Maybe this land doesn't belong to you and me after all...maybe it belongs to the wealthiest few who know what's best for us, and who surely have our best interests in mind...?
Now, you tell us what's sad, Jimmy LaFave.


  1. lie to the communities affected by the pipeline. rip a huge swath thru the pristine big bend. transport dangerously fracked gas to mexico selling off our natural resources. endanger thousands and ruin the habitat to add billions to a billionaire all along hastening the effects of human accelerated climate change. doesn't sound like a nice guy to me. damn sure not a good neighbor. regardless of his good buddy lefave.

  2. What. The. Hell. I am speechless.

  3. This is profane. Wretched. I am fairly certain Woody Guthrie would oppose the taking of private property by a for-profit company, for a pipeline that serves no domestic United States customer, and threatens one of the last frontiers in the nation. To dishonor Woody's memory, and legacy is disgraceful.

  4. A "good neighbor" doesn't use laws they bought to take people's property under false pretenses ("common carrier" "public utility") to further aggrandize themselves and expand the use of fossil fuels while destroying of of the few remaining pristine parts of the world, let alone Texas

  5. Silent Bear Sep 4 at 6:56 PM
    Tinya Seeger Nora Guthrie Buddha and Cree Miller
    Music Road Records
    Message body
    Hi Tinya, Nora and Cree- About 6 months ago, I innocently sent a proposal of my music to Music Road Records in Austin, Texas. In retrospect, I'm very glad that my proposal was denied. I have since learned that the owner of this label and Energy Transfers Partners, Kelcy Warren, are one in the same. Energy Transfers is the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is breaking treaty rights and threatening the water supply and health of the Standing Rock Tribe( and many of all colors and nations that depend on water to survive). This to me is a disgrace. I wrote the label an angry note last week saying that if, " Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie were aware of what you're doing, they would be turning in their graves. "
    I'm writing you today to bring awareness to this connection if you are not already aware. I don't see the compatibility? In my opinion, if you're going to be care takers of Woody's and Pete's music then you have a responsibility to their legacies and what they stood for as human beings. I was made aware of M.R.R via Lance Canales and Tim Hernandez. Lance posted this on his FB today:
    Lance Canales
    5 hrs ·
    If there is a question as to were I stand in this pipeline protest? I stand with my indigenous relatives! I stand with Standing Rock! 523 years of indigenous protest! Its not just about 1 pipeline, its about water and life and the future of all of us.
    I couldn't agree more! Some of my closest friends and relatives are up there protecting their water as we speak! I would have been there myself if I had not gotten sick and my ride had not fallen through. Perhaps in the future?
    So my plea to you is that if you know Mr. Warren that you speak to him and ask him to reconsider what he's doing on behalf of the Sacred Water of Life, The health of the Children and the future generations. In getting to know Pete a little bit, I'm guessing that if he were still with us that he would be on the front lines with his banjo leading " Clear Water," songs. I also invite you to watch this horrifying video that was released by Amy Goodman today in which peaceful water protectors were attacked with dogs and pepper spray!
    And I invite to read this as well:
    I ask, how much hardship and disrespect must the 1st Nations of this land endure? You all know me from our common struggle for Native American Political Prisoner, Leonard Peltier. Leonard will be 72 on Sept. 12 and Pres. Obama still has not lifted a finger on his behalf! So the time has come to take a stand against the " Kelcy Warren's," Trumps, Clinton's etc... of the world!!! Maybe we should call for a boycott of the label or you could ask for Woody's, Pete's, Jackson's and Joel Rafael's works to be removed from their catalog unless the pipeline is stopped?
    Well, thank you for listening to my rant. I hope all else is well. Many Blessings-Mark
    P.S- One More:
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    1. Dear Silent Bear, Thank you so much for sharing this here. May we post your letter on the Defend Big Bend page on Facebook? Solidarity!!

  6. Hi Alyce b. Obvious- Yes. You could post my letter. As long as you don't share the email addresses of who I wrote to. This Kelcy Warren is turning out to be more of a monster than I expected. He ultimately might be more dangerous to us all than either Trump or Clinton.

    1. Couldn't agree more...people like Kelcy Warren buy and sell Trumps and Clintons on the commodities market. Heartfelt thanks for permission to share your letter!