Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Marfa Mystery Lights are a world-renowned phenomena that occasionally appear as glowing orbs in the remote grasslands of far West Texas, not far from the US/Mexico border, the Big Bend National Park, and the town of Marfa, known as a haven for artists and as the location for the 1956 film "Giant". Now a corporation is threatening to construct a 42" high pressure gas pipeline through this unspoiled place, one of the largest intact bioregions in the country. Right this very moment, heavy equipment related to the pipeline is clearing land for a pipe laydown yard 5 miles to the southwest of the Marfa Lights Viewing Station. Trucks and other activity in this formerly-desolate location instantly call the mystery of the Marfa Lights into question, and void their economic viability as a popular tourist destination (more at the Big Bend Conservation Alliance blog).

The design above is based on a landmark billboard advertising the Marfa Mystery Lights that was once located on the side of a building in downtown Marfa, TX. The original has long since been painted over, but the style and spirit of the sign lives on.

Please visit the Defend Big Bend MERCH page to download a hi-res PDF that can be used to create a DIY spray-paint stencil to make your own t-shirt or posters.



The Marfa Mystery Lights Brigade made its debut on March 18, 2016. Please visit the Overpass Light Brigade blog for more information on this action. 

The Marfa Mystery Lights are only a mystery because there has been no logical explanation for them; for many years, there has been very little human activity in the area where the lights are often seen*. Now that acreage 5 miles south of the Viewing Station is being used as a staging area for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, the origin of any lights seen in the vicinity are called into question. Tourists come from all over the state, the country and the world to try to catch a glimpse of the Mystery Lights. Will tourists travel to the Big Bend to look at a construction zone? And once the pipeline is in, will it open the door to additional fossil fuel-related activity? Right now, fracking is happening in Balmorhea, just 60 miles away. The loss of the Marfa Mystery Lights may be just the beginning of the end of what makes the Big Bend so special...and so different from other parts of the state.

* The Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Area is located in the vicinity of an old army airfield that was last used in 1970...more info here: