Thursday, October 22, 2015


Creatures & Features of the Big Bend Benefit Exhibition 
at the Galeria Sibley during ARTWALK weekend
November 20-21, 2015

Call for framed, hangable, or otherwise display-ready 2- and 3-dimensional art on the theme of our local landscape and its inhabitants. A portion of all sales will go to the artist's choice of one of three organizations: the Big Bend Conservation Alliance legal defense fund, the Big Bend Sierra Club legal defense fund, or Defend Big Bend. Artist receives 70% of sales and the organization receives 30%...the gallery will not take a cut.

Deliver works to the gallery November  16 - 18 from 9am 'til at noon (or contact Liz to arrange another time

Opening reception November 20 at 6pm.
MORE INFO: Liz Sibley

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District: ENFORCE THE RULES

Dear All,

Help is needed in pressuring the Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District to enforce its own rules: in spite of the fact that Pumpco has not been granted a commercial permit, they continue to pump unknown amounts of water from the "residential" well on their site.

Please direct letters as soon as possible to BCGCD District Manager Conrad Arriola...address and template below.

Letters need to arrive before the next BCGCD meeting one week from today, October 8th at 9am. In addition, we need to attend this meeting en masse. Pumpco as well as several individuals will be applying for pipeline-related commercial use permits. It is critical that our voices are heard. The board is currently split about down the middle on the issue.

Thank you for your help!


Mr. Conrad Arriola
District Manager
Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District
PO Box 465
Alpine, TX 79831

Dear Mr. Arriola:

This letter is a request that the Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District (BCGWD) enforce its own rules with respect to the well at the Pumpco site off F.M. 1703. Although Pumpco has applied for a commercial use permit on two different occasions, it has not been granted.

According to BCGWD, “As of Jan 1, 2006, Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District will require registration and operating permits for all non-exempt wells, defined as wells capable of producing more than 25,000 gallons per day, or 17.36 gallons per minute.”
Pumpco employees have been observed using unknown amounts of water from this well, and, as such, are in clear violation.

I respectfully request that the BCGWCD uphold and enforce its own rules by providing notice to Pumpco to cease further use of this well and to apply any associated fines. In light of their blatant disregard for BCGWCD rules and for the potential effects of their extraction upon neighboring wells, I further request that any pending permits for this well be denied until Pumpco demonstrates respect for BCGWCD rules and the groundwater under its jurisdiction.