Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jimmy LaFave Defends His Patron, Kelcy Warren of Music Road Records

Kelcy Warren, billionaire CEO of the company that accepted the contract from the Mexican government to construct a 42" high pressure gas transmission line through the pristine Big Bend region of far west Texas, is a self-proclaimed folk music fan. He even has his own recording studio and record label – Music Road Records. Jimmy LaFave is among those on the roster.

While many musicians including James McMurtry, Patty Griffin, and Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Ali Holder, Jacob Jaeger, Swingset Junkies, Francie Meaux Jeaux, Jesse Woods, Emilie Clepper, The Marshall Ford Band, and Dana Falconberry have taken a stand against the proposed Trans Pecos Pipeline, so far no one from the Music Road Records label has.

Jimmy LaFave's Wikipedia page indicates that he is a "disciple of Woody Guthrie", that he is "an advisory board member and regular performer at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival", and that "Woody Guthrie is his musical hero".

How is it that an artist who considers himself a folk musician, revering above all others the man who wrote what could be considered the most famous anti-eminent domain anthem on earth, could become an apologist for a billionaire oligarch? Could it be that now the definition of "folk music" is to preach the gospel of unbridled capitalism to the masses? Maybe this land doesn't belong to you and me after all...maybe it belongs to the wealthiest few who know what's best for us, and who surely have our best interests in mind...?
Now, you tell us what's sad, Jimmy LaFave.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

FERC Scoping Comment Video Tutorials

How to craft and file an effective comment during the FERC Scoping process. A 25-minute presentation by Coyne Gibson given at the Alpine Public Library in August 2015 (split into three parts).