Monday, July 20, 2015

Note: History Repeats

What if the story
of how the great Sioux nation fell
were different than what most cowpokes tell?
What if it weren’t the settlers, or the miners,
gamblers or wagon drivers,
Mule skinners, free grazers, squatters or Oregon Trail,
But instead,
the double standards of a single double rail?

Was the death nell to the home on the range,
the frontier days, along with everything
that dared stand in way of the momentum of the times
paved by connecting the coasts round 69?

The raging buzz of corporate scheming
Lying to locals and pushing outrageous treaties
Promises made, they had not one intention of keeping
Along with friends and enemies alike
smuggling in whiskey to poison the well,
raising hell, banking on the conflict continuing
and cashing in on the nations wealth, for themselves
By which ever means necessary?

An age old game of hostage and bondage,
keeping those that oppose stranded, while building a case
to forcefully remove, or even eradicate
in the name of industry and progress.

It's no surprise the Sioux distrusted the 'white suits and ties'
and no wonder many died fighting those lines.
Because, with it soon came more soldiers and supplies
than a war party could ever hope to divide.
Polluting night skies and tapping old springs.
Within only a short amount of time,
there was simply no place left for them to ride...
Their way of life vanished to the wind.

Sound familiar?

Well, partners of the Big Bend in the 21st century
Take a look now, and you'll be astounded to see
that history repeats in the derndest of ways.
Cuz now we're all the indians in the path of the train... 

– Anonymous

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