Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kelcy Warren's Music Road Records

Right now two billionaires – Kelcy Warren of the US and Carlos Slim of Mexico – are proposing to build a 42" high pressure transmission line intended to deliver Texan fracked gas to new power plants in Mexico straight through the heart of the Big Bend, one of the largest intact bioregions in the United States. The Trans Pecos Pipeline project is intended to increase demand for natural gas on both sides of the border, flying in the face of all data which definitively states that if there is any hope to curtail runaway climate change, the switch to renewables must be made NOW.

“You always want to look like you need your next meal if you’re a salesman. You never want to look affluent.”

– Billionaire Kelcy Warren in 2012 Dallas Morning News

Kelcy Warren (CEO of Energy Transfer Partners and owner of Lajitas Resort on the Rio Grande) is an appreciator of folk/roots-style music. Warren owns recording studios and a record label, Music Road Records. In 2014 Music Road produced a tribute album to Jackson Browne, one of Kelcy Warren's favorite artists. Last August, Jackson Browne played in a Pete Seeger tribute/benefit concert for Frack Free Albany.

The (cognitive) dissonance here is astonishing.

A relevant letter to the editor of the Austin Chronicle from renowned cartoonist/musician Gary Oliver was published in this week's issue:
I was an owner of the One Knite, where Stubbs is now, back in its notorious days in the early 70s.  For over thirty years, though, I've lived in Marfa, one of the communities in the Big Bend now up in arms over billionaire Kelcy Warren's plan to force a gigantic gas pipeline through our area to connect with another pipeline, owned by even bigger billionaire Carlos Slim, under the Rio Grande at Presidio/Ojinaga. They're calling, with straight faces, the Texas part an "intrastate" project because each company builds only to the river.  A similarly sized 42" pipeline of Warren's just blew up a week ago in South Texas, in a fireball visible twenty miles away.  Talk about your Marfa Lights.  After all, who's ever visited the Big Bend and left without wishing this part of the country had its share of the petroleum industry? In Austin, Warren is perhaps better known as the cacique of MUSIC ROAD RECORDS. If you're a musician working for this outfit or a patron supporting it, you're not doing the Big Bend any favors.
In case you needed further convincing, Rick Perry joined the board of Energy Transfer Partners, Warren's pipeline company, in February.  If you believe that the trouble with the Big Bend is that it doesn't look enough like the Permian Basin, then you'll love these sweethearts and their billion dollar toxic scheme.

Gary Oliver
Marfa, TX

If you enjoy the work of any of the artists on Kelcy Warren's Music Road label, please them know Mr. Warren's name is rapidly becoming synonymous with destroying the last frontier and stealing land from hard-working ranchers for his own personal gain. Warren's values run in direct opposition to the ethos of "folk music". Let these fine musicians such as Jimmy Lafave, Sam Baker, and Hal Ketchum know how much their fans would appreciate and support them if they publicly renounced their association with the label.

Perhaps send them this?



  1. Dont look affluent? Too late Kelsy.

  2. Songs of the last frontier --- what happened to Hal Ketchum?

  3. Many artists performed on the tribute album Kelcy produced for Jackson Browne. I believe they all know who Kelcy is and what he stands for. After the album was released Jackson Browne went on tour and he was back in the limelight again. Kelcy Warren is a wolf in sheep's clothing and this pipeline has been in the works for a very long time.

  4. Matthew 13
    [9] Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    Revelation 13
    [9] If any man have an ear, let him hear.



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